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We are a collection of people who make things. Woot Suit Riot was originally created as a creative group of people who needed some encouragement and prodding and extra bravery to actually make the things they wanted to make. From there, it has morphed into a podcast, a band, a Youtube channel, and a series of different Twitch streams. Check us out, and see if anything speaks to you. 🙂

All the Projects!

Concept Crucible Podcast

Jim and Huck talk about a variety of topics on a bi-weekly podcast.

Twitch Streaming

Rich, Jim and friends stream a wide variety of games on Twitch, with occasional musical interjections.

Woot Suit Riot – The Band

Jim and Kayleigh and sometimes friends make music!

Recent Updates

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We had a fantastic time last night playing a short live set at the KW Little Theatre's Battle of the Bards! It's always an incredible time with a super supportive crowd. Last night we were joined by Dave Pike, of Onion Honey and Northland Rail Service.

KWLT's got a ton of great shows coming up this season too, including Once Upon a Mattress, a tale of princes and princesses that opens November 23.