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Today we were at Maker Expo 2016, and we interviewed a ton of incredible people, from makers to fans, kids to seniors. It was an incredible time, and all of our interviews from today can be found by clicking on this post, or in the menu on the right.

Wargaming Tradecraft will teach you how to make beautiful miniatures for gaming, tabletop rpgs, or just for pleasure. Dave Garbe has been painting miniatures for decades, and his blog is full of techniques, tips, and tools to take you from beginner to master.

He's at Maker Expo hosting a painting workshop for kids and adults alike to paint and take home their own miniature, letting people of all ages channel their inner artist. More of his work can be found at

Lynn joins us to talk about her perspectives as someone who's seen a lot of creating over the years, and a photographer herself. She delights in the passion and drive that all of the exhibitors display, and reminds us that one of the marks of being an adult is being happy when kids are learning.

Derek Wong began his journey as a hobby balloon twister in 2011, after viewing a clown twisting balloon animals at his friend’s birthday party. Since then, the internet has been Derek’s major text book and biggest inspiration for his balloon creations. In 2013, after his I.T. career stalled, he forged into his new venture, Twisted Inflations.

He started balloon twisting and décor for birthday parties and small events, and then added large balloon installations for shopping malls and shows. In 2014, he was invited to create custom balloon dresses for contestants in the Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant, which got aired nationally in the Chinese community and on Youtube. Beside creating for his business, Derek also participated in competitions and conventions and won numerous awards in the balloon community. The latest awards Derek won were the 3rd place in 12 Minutes Balloon Figure at World Balloon Convention 2016, and 1st place in the ColorQuest balloon sculpture contest. Both competitions were competing at international level and had hundreds of balloon artists participated from around the world.

Derek's at MakerExpo working on Kayloth, the Water Dragon, and you can find more of Derek's incredible work at

Agnes is a long time maker, organizer for Maker Expo, and the head of Mindful Makers, an incredible series of making camps and much, much more. A serial maker, one might say. She joins us to talk about the incredible turnout for today's event, what it's like seeing her campers make things in the real world, and what it's like being the sponsored exhibit organizer.

To find out about Agnes' work, go to

Ig Kolenko is the director of the Centre for Smart Manufacturing  at Conestoga College, and the students are here with an exhibit. They're showing off robot arms, leds, and talking about bringing vision to life. Ig talks about their incredible skills, and the potential that the program has to offer, and how Conestoga is well-positioned in Waterloo Region's maker culture.