Soul Searching Template

I keep all my soul searching posts in a little WordPress site, and template them like blog posts. I find it makes it easier to track them year over year, and keep a lot of other things there too. Here’s the heart of that template, with some notes. Find the video on Soul Searching here:


This is my notes on my last soul searching post. What’s changed, and where I’m at.  


What are the things I’m trying to achieve, overall? I want most of my day to day things to fit into these in some way, even if it’s “Learn to make more than four things for lunch”. 

Important Notes

I made these notes in the first post, and they’ve been really helpful, so I’ve been carrying them forward and making adjustments. 

  • Be flexible. Other opportunities will come up, and you want to be able to make time to seize them.
  • Clock in. Once your hours hit, commit. That’s the idea. It’s a job.
    • Pomodoro method: Work for 25 mins, 5 min break
  • Time spent planning is not wasted time.
  • Clock-in starts around 7pm, because you have to eat dinner.
  • Free time and flexible time is important.
  • Be specific. Post topics, video ideas. The more specific your tasks are, the easier it’ll be to complete them.


  • This is a list of all the things I wanna do. Anything that’s gonna take up more than two or three hours of my life goes here. It includes things like: 
    • Stay Awesome
    • Running D&D
    • Prepping for D&D
    • Practicing guitar/music
    • Learning new stuff
    • Streaming
    • Writing for Mad Art Lab
    • Work
    • Working out
    • Making time for housework and cooking
    • Making time to be social and make sure that I’m not overworked.
    • Any one-off projects I want to do.


  • This is the big one. There are only so many hours in a day, and only seven days in a week. How do I make all my daily/weekly/biweekly commitments fit, and what has to give in order to make that happen? 

Left Behind

  • A list of things I’m setting aside for now. Commitments I can’t make time for, or projects that I’ve been putting off and need to be shelved.

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